Dearest friends and family,

My sincere thanks to you for your love, prayers and support!  You are enabling us to serve Jesus through Gospel for Asia, forming the vital link between the church in the UK and our brothers and sisters on the field.  Without you we could not be here, and we want you to know that we appreciate you and are humbled by your trust in us.

I apologise for making you wait so long for this “regularly updated” blog!  We’ve discovered the time-consumption effect of having a baby is significant indeed!  Speaking of which, here is a shameless flurry of baby photos!

Anna is now 10 months old, eating solids, crawling forwards, pulling herself up on things, and saying things like “de de de de”!  Everyday we are thankful to God for Anna’s health and well-being, and we constantly marvel at God’s design and creative wisdom in making mankind.  Thank you for your prayers for her, and for the gifts you have sent for her!  We have been thoroughly blessed to learn the art of parenthood, and Angie has taken to motherhood like a fish to water!  God has gifted her greatly 😀

We Have Moved House!  

Our new address is 6 Cinnamon Close, Manchester, M22 4QF, in case you need it.  It’s closer to the office which means Angie has been able to walk in to the office and back, working around Anna’s nap times.  Also, our prayer meetings are now held at our house, making things much easier for us with a baby.

Conferences & CreationFest Seminar

We could use prayer as many of the staff will be out at conferences telling people about what God is doing in Asia.  We are using a new stand this year, please pray the Lord would use us to cast vision for the mission fields of Asia.

New Picture (1)

Also, I have the privilege of leading a seminar at CreationFest, Calvary Chapel’s free music festival!  I am speaking in the Pavillion on Thursday 6th August.  Stop by if you’re there!

New Picture (1)

I’m afraid that’s all I have time to say now, I will try and write again soon!

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives, you are helping to make a difference in the lives and eternities of some of the poorest and most afflicted people on earth, bringing them the unshakeable hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Thank you!

JP & Angie


Hello dear friends and family!

With great joy I greet you again in the name of Jesus and thank you again for your faithful partnership in the Gospel. Because of your love, prayers and support we are able to help reach more people in Asia with the Gospel, by enabling Christians in the UK to support national missionaries in those Asian countries.

Anna Joy Dao

I give my humble apologies for not updating our blog sooner, we have been somewhat preoccupied for the last 2 months! If you have not otherwise heard, I have the wonderful privilege of informing you that our first daughter, Anna Joy Dao was born naturally on Monday 15th September in our bedroom at home, weighing in at a surprising 8lb 12oz! We had 2 very skilled midwives present, and we were very well looked after. Anna Joy is now 2 months old, completely healthy and eating well. We are very thankful for every single one of your prayers!

Some of you have been enquiring after baby photos, so it is my great pleasure to attach below a gallery of Anna Joy Dao, starting with the some of the earliest photos I took and finishing with some of the most recent ones:

Angie and I have learned a great deal in the last 2 months, as well as deepened our appreciation for young life. It’s amazing to think that Jesus was a baby! And also to think that God gave His only Child as a sacrifice for us, while we were still enemies with Him (Romans 5:10).

It is also now with greater pain that we read reports from Asia about baby girls being thrown off rooftops simply for being female (to avoid a costly dowry later on), or starved of breastmilk for several days because colostrum is believed to be bad, or thrown into rivers as a sacrifice to atone for sin. We are so thankful to the Lord for the grace He as shown to us in allowing us live on this side of the world and for our daughter to be born into a God-fearing family, and we recognise the privilege we have of helping to touch thousands in Asia with the love and redemption found only in Christ.

GFA Christmas Gifts

Actually one of our most effective ways to reach these people is through Christmas! Every year we produce a Christmas Catalogue full of gifts that you and your church family can buy for families in Asia in Jesus’ name, some of which can mean the difference between life and death. It is a tool for you to recapture Christmas for Christ and escape the self-centredness that modern marketing has wrapped it in. Our Forgotten Christmas Video below will tell you more:

The Christmas Catalogue is both online and in print form.

GFA Catalogue 2014

Click here or call us if you’d like to order some.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for us to have wisdom as we raise Anna to love and serve Jesus! Please also pray for her to sleep well in her cotbed.
  • Pray for many to give gifts through our Christmas Gift Catalogue and impact Asians with the love of Jesus.
  • Pray that more people would be reached sooner by our missionaries with the Gospel, so that fewer children are sacrificed.
  • Pray that more people would join our support team, to cover additional costs with having a baby.

Thank You!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. Without you we wouldn’t be here serving Jesus and helping thousands in Asia hear of Christ’s love for the first time. You make a difference!

Yours for the unreached
JP & Angie


P.S. If you are not currently part of our support team, we would be most grateful if you would take a moment to pray about whether the Lord would have you join us as we purpose to reach Asia with the Gospel. It would involve regular prayer for us, and/or pledging any monthly amount by Direct Debit.

Hello friends!

Thank you again for taking the time to read what’s happening in our lives as we seek to know Jesus more fully and make Him known to the peoples of Asia.


Katie and Caroline are at CreationFest from 2nd-8th August offering Christians free copies of Revolution in World Missions, talking to them about sponsoring national missionaries, and letting them sign-up for a free Veil of Tears church film night kit. They would definitely appreciate prayers for energy, good meetings, and souls saved in Asia because of their time there!


Here is the trailer Veil of Tears, our documentary film for churches and groups which details the treatment of women in Asia:

Please pray that a lot of people would order the kit and show it in their churches and home groups. Pray also that people would desire to make a difference in what they see, and sponsor women missionaries to reach out to these oppressed women.

We finally received our shipment of No Longer a Slumdog books which we offer free to people.


Please pray that the Lord would use them to open people’s eyes to the plight of children in Asia!


I’ve been continuing to speak at churches to try and paint a picture of what the Lord is doing on the mission field, and encourage God’s people to live in the light of eternity. We were back at Servants Church in Norwich not too long ago:


…and also Bethesda Evangelical Church:


Please pray for the Lord’s words to be in my heart and mouth, and for fruit from these church meetings in sponsors for our national missionaries.

Garrett Brown, our intern and lodger, has completed his time with us and has now returned to Norwich. We were very sad to see him go, having seen him serve with us so willingly and having enjoyed his fellowship and company.


However he did not go without learning the proper way to cook bacon – with chopsticks.


This is an awesome story for you to read, just click on the picture! Shanti was sick and planning to drink acid to end her pain, but through reading a copy of John’s Gospel mysteriously left on her rooftop she found hope and joy in the assurance of Christ’s joy. Read this story, be encouraged in what the Lord is doing to reach people in Asia, and ask Jesus to provide more people with Gospel literature!

She Met God on the Rooftop

At the time of writing this, Angie is 34 weeks pregnant! We thank the Lord for a relatively easy pregnancy so far, and are praying for an easy and uncomplicated birth.


We were blessed with being able to spend a few days with Angie’s family recently, who threw her a fun baby shower.


We saw some very innovative present wrappings! We also were given lots of baby clothes.


Not too long after that my mother and sisters joined my GFA sisters in throwing Angie another baby shower, successfully surprising Angie! We now have lots of young baby clothes!


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Katie and Caroline at CreationFest to have energy, good meetings, and souls saved in Asia because of their time there
  • Please pray that a lot of people would order the Veil of Tears Church Film Night Kit and show it in their churches and home groups. Pray that people would desire to make a difference in what they see, and sponsor women missionaries to reach out to these oppressed women
  • Please pray that the Lord would use our book No Longer A Slumdog to open people’s eyes to the suffering of children in Asia
  • Please pray for the Lord’s words to be in my heart and mouth, and pray for sponsorships from church meetings for our national missionaries
  • Ask Jesus to provide more people in Asia with Bible and tracts and that more people would find salvation in Him through them
  • Please pray for a continued easy pregnancy for Angie, and for an easy and uncomplicated birth
  • Please ask the Lord to send more people to join our support team, as we soon begin supporting a baby

Thank you so much for standing with us. In case I’ve never said it before, let me just say that we realise that we could not be serving the Lord as we are if it were not for your support and prayers. We are grateful that the Lord has led you to be a part of our lives in this way, and so be part of the reason why tomorrow less people will perish without a chance to hear the Gospel. Thank you for helping us to be one step closer every day to finishing our Great Commission, and going home.

Your servants for the unreached,

JP & Angie


“We have all of eternity to celebrate our victories, but only one short hour before sunset in which to win them.” – Robert Moffat

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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers for the India Trip!  The team made it there and back again safe and sound, and as expected it was an incredible time seeing first-hand what the Lord is doing through Gospel for Asia.


…and of course, I’m going to tell you a bit about it!

Missionaries and students

We met Bible college students training to take the love of Christ to those who still wait to hear that Jesus walked the earth, some preparing to depart very soon for the mission field.


We worshipped with them and heard some of their testimonies.  One pastor used to be a terrorist who knew how to use every firearm and explosive.  Now he pastors 400 people and travels to several other locations where people gather for fellowship and prayer.



We went to churches in villages where the people had never before seen a Westerner.  Their passion, sincerity and faith were evident even through the language barrier! We heard some of their testimonies too, and had the privilege of praying with some of them.


Slum Ministry

We spent time in slums where the people live in self-made shack-housing with no plumbing or sewage.  GFA distributed 250 blankets in the slum below, as it actually gets cold enough to kill in some parts of India.


We saw their children being loved, educated and taught about Jesus love by GFA-supported workers. The parents have to work all day and don’t have the means to send them to school (and often won’t realise the importance of it in the first place).  This means these children spend all day at home alone in the slums.


Bridge of Hope

We also saw Bridge of Hope centres where poor children get extra tuition, a daily meal (sometimes their only meal for the day!), yearly medical check-up, and learn of Jesus’ love for them.


A couple of times we also had the honour and joy of passing out their lunch plates to them!


Street Children’s Homes

We also saw abandoned children are being housed, sent to school, fed, loved, and taught about Jesus’ love for them. In this particular city about 25 children turn up at the train station each day, having been sent away by parents who could not afford to feed them.



The goal is to eventually reunite them with the families that were forced to abandon them, and help repair the family. Below is the pin board with photos of all the boys who have been returned to their families and reconciled.


UK Church Meetings

I am now GFA UK’s main speaker, and I have had the privilege of speaking at two churches in the last couple of months; Calvary Southampton, down south:


…and Sandy Lane Community Church here in Manchester:


It has been a humbling experience to be able to speak into the lives of God’s people and share GFA’s passion for reaching the lost with the love of Christ.

Our New Website

It’s finally here! We have been waiting a long time for a working website where people can actually sponsor our National Missionaries, sponsor Bridge of Hope children, get prayer news and updates, and donate for our myriad of outreach ministries in Asia. Please give it a look when you have a free minute, it’s It’s such a big deal for us that when it launched we took a celebratory coffee break!


Special thanks owed to Elliot Wilsher of Calvary Design who spent many extra hours working on this project for us, as we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have happened without him!

Pregnancy update

For those who are curious, Angie is currently at 19 weeks!


We are looking forward to being parents with great excitement and anticipation, and we have been marveling at the wonder of God’s design in the pregnancy process.  It’s truly amazing!

Thank you so much for your prayers, we really appreciate them, and we don’t know where we’d be without them.  That’s my way of saying that we do need you to keep praying for us, so please don’t stop!

Prayer Requests

  • Traffic on our website and missionaries and children sponsored
  • Church meeting opportunities for me to come and speak
  • Wisdom as we lead the UK team
  • For Angie’s pregnancy, a healthy baby, and that we would be Godly parents

I know that prayer is sometimes difficult, and sometimes it feels like God isn’t there, or isn’t listening.  Let me encourage you that indeed He is, that He hears every prayer you whisper, and that He acts.  In C.S. Lewis’ fictional (but very helpful and illuminating) ‘Screwtape Letters’ the senior tempter devil Screwtape, giving his evil counsel, says “our cause is never more in danger than when a human, no longer desiring, but still intending, to do [God’s] will, looks round upon a universe from which every trace of Him seems to have vanished, and asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys.”

Never stop praying.  May God bless you, and keep you, and cause His face to shine upon you.

Yours for the 2 billion who still wait to hear,

JP & Angie

Hello and greetings from Manchester!

Thanks for coming again and seeing what’s going on with us as we serve the Lord at GFA UK.

Danny and Erika visit!

We recently had the enormous blessing of having Danny and his family come and stay in the UK for a few days. Danny is KP Yohannan’s son and vice-president of GFA, but that didn’t stop him helping us unload the 15,000 books that arrived while he was here!


Danny and his wife Erika were a huge encouragement, and extremely helpful in imparting vision and direction for the ministry. I can’t tell you how much I value their wisdom and experience in serving the Lord. We wanted to give them a decent English experience so we shared with them the joys of fish and chips…


…and took them on a trip out to Lyme Park in the Peak District, where the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice was filmed.


It was wonderful to be with them, they were such a blessing, and we look forward to whenever they can come again.

Trip to the US office

Angie and I were recently invited to the US for training in running a GFA office, and I finally feel like I understand what Brian and Mindy were trying to accomplish here in the UK.


I have seen how God can raise up thousands of missionaries from nothing. I have seen buildings built on faith. I was humbled by the staff’s servant-heartedness, belief, prayerfulness, and willingness to sacrifice. It was an awesome time, and we were both very challenged and incredibly inspired.

Andrew has arrived!

Andrew has arrived to join our team, and is settling in well. Garrett began training him in his role, and I am filling in while Garrett is away. He is very capable and very diligent.


His and Kathy’s house purchase hasn’t completed yet so he’s currently staying with us, and we had a welcome party for him in our home last Friday, with pizza and Settlers of Catan!


One of us is pregnant!

..and that would be Angie! She is currently at twelve weeks and the baby is due on 10th September. We have prayed for this a lot, as well as for an easy pregnancy, and the Lord has been extremely kind to us. She has been a lot more tired, but she hasn’t had any morning sickness, and the doctors say she is fit as a fiddle. God is so good!


I can’t tell you how exciting this is for us, and we would value your continued prayers during the pregnancy, as well as for when we enter parenthood. We desire to be Godly parents, and that our child would know the Lord, love Him, seek Him, obey Him, serve Him, hear Him, and help bring souls into His kingdom.

Send us to India!

It’s not too late to help send us there. We’ll be leading a group of nine people to see the work on the field and experience what the Lord is doing. Historically a visit of this sort helps supporters understand the impact their their partnership is having, and often results in a greater involvement and greater impact on the field.


The Lord blessed GFA with great flight prices and it turns out we only need to each raise £993.16 to be in India for 2 weeks. This includes our flights there, accommodation, food, and travel within the country!!

We would value your prayers that this amount would be raised. If you feel led to be part of the answer to that prayer you can help send us to India by writing a cheque for any amount to “Gospel for Asia” and sending it with a note saying it’s “To send JP and Angie to India!” to:

Gospel for Asia
The Message Enterprise Centre
6 Harper Road
Manchester M22 4RG

Prayer requests

  • Continued grace for Angie during pregnancy, and for a healthy baby
  • That we would raise the £993.16 each to send us both to India
  • For wisdom as we lead GFA UK

Well that’s all for now, thank you again for all your love, prayers and support. We appreciate your partnership in the Gospel, and couldn’t do this without you. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Yours for the unreached of Asia.

JP & Angie

Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.
– 1 Corinthians 15:58

Hello friends!

Thanks for coming here again and reading what’s going on with us as we serve the Lord at GFA. As you may well remember, we are now leading the UK office and responsible for all that happens here. The change has been unspeakably exciting, incredibly overwhelming, and we wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else!


JP has been learning a lot, and was extremely encouraged recently by KP Yohannan’s booklet “Stay Encouraged” (e-mail him at if you’d like him to send you one!). Two things he took away were:

1. Attitude affects everything. “Words can never adequately convey the incredible impact of our attitude toward life. The longer I live the more convinced I become that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. I believe the single most significant decision that I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude. It is more important than my past, my education, my bankroll, my success or failures, fame or pain, what other people think of me or say about me, my circumstances, or my position. Attitude keeps me going or cripples my progress. . . . It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope. When my attitude is right, there’s no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, no challenge too great for me.”

2. Discouragement is a tool of the enemy. “It was advertised that the devil was going to put his tools up for sale. Hatred, Envy, Jealousy, Doubt, Lying, Pride, and so on. Laid apart from the rest of the pile was a harmless-looking tool, well-worn and priced very high. “What’s the name of that tool? Why have you priced it so high?” asked one of the purchasers. “That’s Discouragement,” said the adversary, “it’s more useful to me than the others. I can pry open and get inside a person’s heart with that one, when I cannot get near him with other tools. Now once I get inside, I can make him do what I choose. It’s a badly worn tool, because I use it on almost everyone since few people know it belongs to me.” The devil’s price for Discouragement was so high, he never sold it. It’s still his major tool, and he still uses it on God’s people today.”

Leading the trip to India

On 8th-22nd March we will be leading a Vision Tour around India, giving a group of nine supporters, staff, and volunteers the opportunity to see the mission field first-hand. The Vision Tour has always been a powerful way of bringing home the reality that many, many people still wait to find out that Jesus walked the earth and rose from the dead for them. It also enables supporters to see all the marvellous things that God is doing through National Missionaries to reach these people, and the impact of their partnership from the West. Our visas arrived a couple of days ago (less than a week after we’d applied for them, praise the Lord!):


We are hoping and believing to raise £3,000 to send us both to India for this trip, and we would be privileged if you would pray for us, that this amount would be raised before the trip takes place in March.


Veil of Tears film

GFA in the US is releasing a film at the end of March, detailing the horrific treatment of women in India. It is a very powerful film and we hope that it will alert the world as to some of the atrocities that are happening to these women, who Jesus loves dearly. It will be viewable online during a “SimulCast”, as well as being released on DVD. The trailer is below:

Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown has completed 4 months of his internship and continues to serve the Lord diligently at GFA, as well as being a blessing at our home. Last year he sent out our Cyclone Phailin Disaster Relief appeal, which so far has brought in over £16K for victims of the disaster in India, who will get aid and the message of the Gospel. Our continued prayer is that Garrett’s year with us would help him grow in dependence on Jesus, and develop a real heart for the multitudes who are lost without the knowledge of Christ. So far he’s been doing great!

Thank you

We continue to be so grateful for your love, prayers and support. It’s encouraging having others stand with you in what you do, what you go through, and in the harvest you reap for the Lord! We’re so grateful that you get to be a part of what the Lord is doing through us, as much as we are grateful for your partnership enabling us to serve Him here at GFA. We have all of eternity to celebrate our victories, but only one short hour before the sunset in which to win them. Everyday 80,000 people perish without ever hearing Jesus’ name even once in their lives, and we thank you for being a part of changing that. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Prayer requests

  • Please ask the Lord to provide the £3,000 to send us to India, to lead the Vision Tour and to help people’s hearts be broken for a world without Christ
  • Please ask God to give us wisdom and grace to lead the GFA UK office in His strength
  • Please pray for Garrett that the Lord would use his year with us to grow Him in knowing God, and loving the lost

Thank you. We are in this together!

Every blessing,

JP & Angie
Philippians 1:3-5

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Hi everybody!

Our warmest Christmas greetings go out to you this season.  May this time be a wonderful reminder of our Saviour walking the earth and dwelling among us.

Thanks for taking precious time to read our updates.  We appreciate your love and attention, and we know we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for supporters like you.  We thank our God upon every remembrance of you!

Well, being in leadership has been both a taxing responsibility as well as a blessed privilege.  The Team here has been great and I am so happy I get to serve them, I literally can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

I (JP) have now done a radio interview, been present at a board meeting (via telephone) and had a video conference call with the other international leaders (see pic below!).

We’ve also had a lot more traffic and overnight guests in our house.  Angie always goes out of her way to make sure visitors have everything they need and feel loved!

We celebrated Thanksgiving as a GFA family.  Although it’s an american holiday it’s centred around being thankful to God for all He has given, and we certainly have a lot to be thankful for.  God has been so good to us!

Being something of a Thanksgiving connoisseur, Angie organised the event and delegated everyone their food responsibilities, and it was a blessed time together, celebrating God’s goodness as a GFA family.

Angie’s spiced apple cider (not alcoholic, and served hot!) was a real hit! It’s loaded with cinnamon and cloves, and is a wonderful winter warmer.

Katie Prochaska has now arrived!  She is settling in well and has started training in Support Response and Website Maintenance.  Please pray for her as she adjusts and learns her new roles.

Andrew and Kathy Woodley have been accepted as our newest Team members and will be joining us in January.  They have begun the process of buying a house but the house in question has had a bad survey report, and they will need to start looking for a new one in the New Year.  Please pray for God’s wisdom for them in how to proceed.

We recently had another sad story, about the murder of Anmol, the 7 year old son of a believer in one of our churches.  Those of you who get our newsletter will be able to read about it, otherwise you can go to the story on our website.  It has probably been the most difficult story for me to read in all my time at GFA.  Please pray for his grieving family.


Our people on the mission field are still busy with Disaster Relief aid after Cyclone Phailin hit 2 months ago.  It was the biggest thing that has hit India since the 1999 Orissa cyclone, and prompted India’s biggest evacuation 23 years.  The area has since recently been hit with 2 more cyclones.

It has left 800,000 people homeless and about £400 million worth of destruction.  Fortunately the evacuation was successful and only around 17 people died.  Praise the Lord!  However this means that the situation has largely been forgotten by the general public.

Our people are busy bringing aid, and the Gospel of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please pray for them as they do their best to reach as many cyclone victims as possible.

Our Christmas Catalogue has been giving Christians in the UK the chance to impact people in Asia with tangible expressions of Christ’s love.  People have been buying all sorts of things from camels and chickens to Bibles and bikes, all to help the Gospel to out all year round.

And finally, we hope you do have a fabulous Christmas, filled with fun and rest, and maybe some silliness, as you celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

photo 1New Picture

Every blessing,

JP & Angie

Dear friends,

Thank you for your love, prayers and support, and I am sorry it’s been more than 2 months since our last blog post, it’s been a crazy time for us. Every day I am grateful for people like you backing us with your love, prayers and support.

Big Changes

This next piece of news will probably be the biggest news that I have blogged thus far: Brian, Mindy and Elijah have been called back to America to take on a role where they will liaise with Gospel for Asia’s international offices, and I have been appointed Brian’s replacement.


Angie and I will value your prayers more than ever as we step into a new level of service, responsibility and spiritual warfare.

We threw a “very British farewell party” for the Kiriks, complete with tea and scones, a butler, and street bunting hand-made by Jen!


Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown has now arrived as our very first School of Discipleship student! This is the programme that Angie did in America before she joined Gospel for Asia, and we are glad to be starting it here. Garrett will live with Angie and I for the year, serve at the Gospel for Asia office, go through our staff induction, and travel to the mission field on a Vision Tour.


Veil of Tears Movie

Next year we release a documentary called “Veil of Tears”, which describes the harsh realities of life for women in India. You can see the trailer and other things on the Veil of Tears website.

Personal Stuff

Angie and I had a great time in America back in August, seeing family and friends, visiting cool places and sharing with people what God is doing through Gospel for Asia.


Just over a week ago I had the surprise blessing of seeing John McKay at the Mess Cafe, and had the privilege of introducing him to Angie and also Brian, just before Brian left. John was greatly used by The Lord to bring me to faith, and it was a huge blessing and encouragement to see him again!


A Sad Report

Two Sundays ago a believer in one of our churches in Nepal was murdered as he prayed for healing, healing for the man who ended up killing him. I was quite distressed as I read the report, and it was a sobering reminder of the persecution our brothers and sisters in Asia face as they desire to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus. You can read about it here.

Prayer requests

Please pray for Angie and I. That we would hear The Lord’s still, small voice leading us in His will. That we would have the wisdom and to trust in His ability to answer prayer. That we would be continually transformed by His glory and presence. That we would run the race with endurance, with a clear vision for Gospel for Asia UK. That we would remember that we have all of eternity to celebrate our victories, but only one short hour before sunset in which to win them.

Thank You!

Thank you for making a difference in our lives, and in the lives of thousands of Asians who will hear that Jesus loves them for the first time, because of your love, prayers, and support.

We are in this together. God bless you abundantly,

JP & Angie’s

Hello everybody,

Sorry it’s been more than a month since the last update, it’s been a VERY busy couple of months! Thank you for your patience and prayers. A lot has been happening, where do I start?

Pedal for Souls

The bike ride was a success! Our team of 5 riders traversed the entire Way of the Roses and raised almost £2,000 for missionary bicycles.


We celebrated it’s completion with a team barbecue, and publicly recognised Iain’s efforts in making the event happen and keep all the riders together.


Great Omission Campaign

We believe that The Lord gave us a message about the Great Commission having been a Great Omission.


We trialled our new Great Omission campaign this Summer, with positive results so far.


People were given 2 coins to represent church resources – money, time, Bibles, manpower etc, and asked where they would spend them if they were a mission leader.


After they dropped their coins in their chosen boxes we let them see the actual statistics on the back of the box.


Our message is that we have omitted spiritual things in favour of worldly things, and that we want to equip people to Commit to Omission of the love of the world, for the sake of our Great Commission.


Our main resource was our Commitment to Omission key fob, which proved very popular at the conferences.


It’s like your Tesco’s key fob, but it’s actually a loyalty card to Christ and the unreached. it has details of how to text a small donation to reach someone in Asia with the Gospel. The idea is; when you are out shopping you might consider OMITTING something from your shopping basket, and texting the amount of money you would have spent as a donation to help reach people in Asia with the Gospel. It comes out of your phone credit, and goes 100% to the mission field.

It’s all a precursor for our Lent campaign. Lent used to be a solemn time of cleansing ourselves of the world and drawing close to Jesus, today most people think of it as the time to give up chocolate for 40 days, without any real meaning or purpose. Our aim will be to reclaim it for Christ, and make it about Him again. We’ll be encouraging people to give up something with the aim of using what they save to help reach the unreached of Asia with the Gospel. Watch this space!

Special thanks to Colin and Jean for graciously hosting our New Wine teams for 2 weeks!


Special thanks also to several of the Servants Church gang who helped us pack up at 10pm on the last day of Creation Fest!


Tech Issues

Our database was completely recovered and is currently running satisfactorily, and our Gift Aid process also worked in the end – thank you for praying! Please pray for these things when you remember, as they do seem to pack up when we least expect it them to.


We are currently in the States taking 2 weeks holiday and 1 week of personal support raising. Our first plane took of at 11am UK time on Wednesday (Angie’s birthday!) and our final plane landed 16 hours later at Seattle at 7pm local time.


Angie’s faithful best friend Joleen (pictured above) is helping to get us some church meetings!

We would value prayers that we would get well rested, and that more individuals and churches would team up with us to help us fulfil God’s call on our lives, by supporting in finance and prayer.

Thanks again for reading, for being a part of our lives, for taking your precious time to pray for us, and for believing that The Lord can use normal people like us to fulfil His divine purposes, in reaching every tribe and tongue with the light of the Gospel of glory of Christ.

Prayer Requests Summary

  • Pray for our office systems, that God would protect them and keep them in good working order!
  • Pray for us to get well rested on our holiday.
  • Pray that we would be able to meet with many potential new personal supporters.
  • Pray that we would gain new prayer and financial supporters.
  • Pray for the Great Omission campaign, that people would understand the message and vision, and take action.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support, even though my thank-yous are insufficient.

God has blessed you with every spiritual blessing,

JP and Angie

Hello friends,

Thanks again for taking the time to take a peek at what’s been happening in our lives as we serve Jesus at Gospel for Asia.


Last month saw us at the GO!2013 conference at WEC’s headquarters near London. It’s the only event in the country which sees several independent mission organisations getting together and paying out of their own pockets to host a conference to get people into missions. Gospel for Asia is one of the committee partners, alongside WEC, Operation Mobilisation, Overseas Mission Fellowship, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and others.


We all pitched in to help set-up the site:



The main speaker was Jackie Pullinger, author of “Chasing the Dragon” – a book about her work in Hong Kong helping to rehabilitate drug addicts, prostitutes and gang members. She drew quite a crowd!


Of course we had a booth and the opportunity to talk to lots of people about what God is doing to reach Asia with the Gospel through national missionaries, and the part that we can play in partnering with our brothers and sisters over there.


Annual Report 2012

Our 2012 Annual Report has arrived! This brochure shows you what the Lord did last year through Gospel for Asia. If you’d like to see what your prayer and financial support are accomplishing e-mail me your address and I’ll send you one of these! It’s my favourite out of all our pieces of literature.


A Visit From Kirby and Anita

Angie’s parents came to England for 3 weeks and we were very glad to see them!


We put Mum to work in the office immediately, despite her having just travelled for about 12 hours! We always appreciate her constant willingness to serve.


We took them back to our house where we fed them…


…and then put Dad to work too!


We also took a week’s holiday and took them to some nice areas of the country, including Wasdale Head, home to Scafell Pike, our favourite English mountain:



…the Peak District:


…Wales, in which we found the very beautiful Harlech Castle:


…and of course Norwich!


We also had a chance to visit my sending church, our beloved Servants Church:


We took them to my Dad’s house in Sprowston too:


…and he took us all out to a nice carvery:


We also took them to my Mum’s house in Earlham:


…and she cooked us several very tasty Vietnamese dishes. Anita also got a chance to hold my adorable niece Esme:


It was all in all a very nice time with them.

Recent Stuff

Special thanks to friend and supporter Alan Manchester who made a stop by the office to spend some time with us and see first hand what happens at the GFA UK office. Alan is always a blessing and an encouragement and we were grateful for his time. He helps a charity that serves Nepal and he has first hand experience of what life is like there.


We recently had a server failure and our database was down for the better part of 2 weeks. We have been in much conversation with various IT people to help us get back up and running, and I have been trying to find out everything I can about all our related software. We are up and running again, but we would value your prayers as it has been a trying time and we are still not completely out of the woods yet! In particular we are having some issues with our Gift Aid module, and we would be very grateful if you could pray for it for us!


Next weekend a team of 8 staff and volunteers are cycling the Way of the Roses over 3 days to raise money for bicycles for national missionaries in Asia. It’s 173 miles and they hope to raise £12,110, enough for 1 bike for every mile of the Way of the Roses. Please pray for the team to make all their scheduled checkpoints, and for protection from accidents, bike problems and obstructions. Good weather would be helpful too! You can read about it on our news page here:


Angie’s visa has arrived! Thank you so much for your prayer and financial gifts, we are so very grateful for your love and support. Angie is now able to remain in the UK for another 18 months, at which point she will have lived in the UK for 4 and a half years, at which point I think we’ll have to apply for another visa for the last 6 months to complete the 5 years she needs in order to apply for UK residency.


Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our database to function properly! Having it fail has reminded us of how integral it is too our work here at the GFA UK office, and necessary it is too cover it in prayer.
  • Please pray in particular for our Gift Aid process to work.
  • Please pray for the 173 bike ride this weekend. Angie will be on it too, please pray for strength, good navigation, and for 173 bikes to be raised for national missionaries in Asia!

Thank you so much for reading, and for being a part of our lives.  We couldn’t do this without your prayers and support and we thank you for enabling us to fulfil God’s call on our lives to reach the most unreached in Asia with the Gospel, in the few seconds we have left.

God bless you guys!

JP and Angie